About the Company

Pažangi Energija is a green energy company developing advanced biofuel projects in Lithuania. In 2021, it was founded by specialists with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.


I have worked in the energy sector for over 15 years, and I take active interest in renewable energy and its benefits. I believe in the future of green energy projects and their significance for us and future generations. Climate change is a real and very serious problem, the effects of which we are already experiencing today. Transition to renewable energy is a prerequisite for slowing down climate change and a negative impact of human activity on the environment.

It has been over 5 years that I have been developing renewable energy projects in Lithuania and in Poland. During this time, I have been acquiring experience and knowledge in the green energy sector in leading countries. Manufacturing energy from organic waste is already common practice. As countries are actively looking for ways to solve an increasingly relevant problem of climate change, such projects will also start throughout Lithuania in the following years.


Advanced biofuel line in Bijūnėliai village, Šiauliai district
In 2023, a modern advanced biofuel manufacturing line will be started in Bijūnėliai village located in Šiauliai district. It will contribute to the development of clean renewable energy in the country and it will also allow for solving the problem of organic waste in Šiauliai district.
In order to implement state-level objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such projects are best developed in less urbanised areas with many cultivated lands, both agricultural and stockbreeding farms, and industries generating biodegradable waste. Therefore, this location was selected for the project. Also, according to the general plan of Šiauliai district, high technology industry projects can be developed in this area.
The company intends to invest more than 6 million Euro in the advanced biofuel line in Šiauliai district. Foreseen project investments are greater than the minimum because the company is planning to implement the most advanced and technologically advantageous solutions that are already common in foreign countries. It will allow ensuring that this facility is representative not only in Šiauliai district but also in the entire country. The project will include technological solutions used by leaders in the biogas sector – Denmark, Germany, France, and Italy.
The emergence of such project will foster additional investment in the region and create new higher qualified jobs.